Thursday, June 24, 2010

Comfort Is Key

When it comes to long distance medical transport, making sure a patient or love-one is comfortable goes further than you think. Those with limited mobility are at greater risk for skin injury and various ailments resulting from a lack of body functions aided by mobility. Almost every system in our body needs periodic movement, even if that movement is only slight. Choosing a service that provides extra padding on stretchers and has effective policy regarding position changes of immobile patients is key. If a prospective service cannot quickly and confidently provide you with measures in place to prevent complications from lack of padding or movement then you should keep looking. Long distance medical transport requires that an immobile patient be in the same bed for many hours at a time. When prepared, a transport service can shift patient position often and provide enough padding so that no problems arise. However, if a service does not effectively deal with the dangers-emotional and physical- of immobility then problems can, and eventually will, arise.

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